Brown Leather Satchel

This is my tenth year of making beautiful unique things from leather, metal, wood and paper so it seems fitting that things have sort of come full circle.

The satchel in the photo was the very first thing I made from veg tanned leather and oh what a journey I’ve been on ever since! I’ve lost count of all the amazing things I’ve made for people over the last decade and it’s been a real privilege to make so many people happy with the personal and special commissions I’ve created for them.

The Future

I always like to evaluate my past year around this time and figure out what worked and what didn’t so that I don’t make the same mistakes and I can move forward with my long term goals. I’ll be honest, I feel like I kind of lost direction a bit over the last couple of years, trying to tackle the massive curve ball the universe put in all our lives. I always believe that it’s better to try and fail than never try at all and I can certainly say I’ve tried to break into the mainstream market…and it wasn’t the success I hoped it would be. But I never ever give up; change is inevitable and being able to accept something hasn’t worked and adjust direction is so important for personal and business related growth.


I started my journey into leathercraft coming from a career as a graphic artist and photographer who was obsessed with alternative culture, gothic, macabre, weird and wonderful imagery. That definitely gave my initial pieces a cohesive aesthetic with lots of browns, copper, brass, black leather, skulls, cosplay props and the like. Over the years as I’ve made things for other people, I’ve followed their lead with the style they wanted for each piece and my creative input has been somewhat watered down meaning that I haven’t got to make anything truly ME for a long time.


2022 is the year where I’m going back to my gothic and alternative roots. I’m revamping my website, social media presences and most important of all, my own mindset so that I can make things I truly have a passion for again. Of course I’ll still take on commission pieces which fall outside my preferred style until I re-establish myself as the man to come to for the crazy weird leather stuff but I’m hoping that by being my authentic self, I’ll attract customers because they love my style and want to allow me to do what I do best…the dream of any artist if they’re really honest.


Moving Pictures

The future is video. I’m a dinosaur who started his photography hobby as an 11 year old in 1985 with a film camera and a darkroom and although I fully embraced digital photography very early on, somehow video has always been something I’ve struggled with. That’s going to change! I’ve got a brand new camera capable of high quality 4K video and I’m in the process of building a new ‘set’ in my workshop so that I can document my creative exploits and share them with you all on Youtube, TikTok, Instagram Reels and Facebook. Definitely time to drag myself into the 21st century at last!


I’m so grateful for all the continued support of all my customers and followers on social media. So many customers have become good friends and still buy my stuff year after year as gifts for people or as a yearly treat to themselves and that’s the best feeling in the world!


I’ll see you in all in 2022!!

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