I finally made my dream satchel!

Welcome to this week’s Sunday roundup!

This week has felt like I’m really back on top form with lots of things finding their forever home and new things being brought into reality from long time seeds of ideas in my head.

I’m stepping things up with some flagship products ready for some BIG plans in the near future.

The black satchel is something I’ve been planning for many years so it’s a really amazing feeling to finally make it a reality – and for it to work perfectly as I envisioned it (That rarely happens!). It was a real labour of love with three full days of cutting, dyeing and many many hours of hand stitching to bring it all together but it was well worth it. This satchel truly showcases the quality of true hand crafted products, made to last and to be passed from generation to generation. It’s so nice I want to keep it all to myself….but as with everything I think it’ll eventually find its way onto my virtual shelves.
I’ll be making a variety of bags and satchels in this design, some full size ones and some without the front pocket, more of a messenger bag style. Lots of potential! These will be my flagship products for my new brand website along with all the dog collars, leads and much much more. Work starts on that as soon as I have a few more products made to photograph so I have something to put on there.
I was really happy that ALL my pendant bag charms found their fovever homes this week so I’ve started making some more. Initially I planned to make all the glass cabochons myself but I’ve since found some really nice ready made ones online so I’m planning to order some samples and make some using those. I have lots of ideas for using some lovely old weathered copper too instead of the glass. 
I bought some cufflink findings this week so I’m going to see if I can create some smaller versions of the pendants for these. Earrings are also on the agenda in case you were wondering!

Two of the new plum coloured raven wing handbags found their forever homes this week and I made a start on a jet black one and and lovely antique brown one to go on my shop as soon as they’re finished.

I try to take a bit of time off working in the studio once a week and this time I visited my local country park where I always find the best inspiration. I have an idea for some more hand cut stamps like the dandelion one and ferns are at the top of my list.

So, onto next week where I have a full week of raven wing bags, guitar straps, dog collars, wallets and more satchels to plan. BUSY!!!

I foyu have any enquiries about custom orders plese contact me to have a chat and I’ll work my magic to make your dreams a reality!

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