Adding a new bag to my range!

I’ve spent the first quarter of the year working on revamping my existing bag designs and developed improved versions of my saddle bag and raven wing bags. Both of those existing bags are extremely labour intensive to produce with many individual components so they take a considerable amount of time to put together. I’ve been wanting to develop a more minimalist bag design which will take a lot less time to produce and sit nicely at the beginning of my range.

Yesterday I decided to give the whole day to creating templates and making a sample (shown in the photos). 

The main body of the bag is made from one single piece of leather, folded and riveted into that shape. I chose rivets to construct the bag because it’s much quicker to rivet the leather together at the joints than hand stitch (This would have been the only option on a bag this shape as it wouldn’t have been possible to sew it on my harness stitching machine). 

In the same spirit as the rest of the bag, I decided to go back to basics on the strap construction and remove the need for a buckle. I added a fixed top keeper to the shorter strap so that the longer part of the strap could slot through. I then added slotted holes and fixed a metal button stud to hold the strap at the desired length. It’s resulted in a beautifully simple and streamlined strap, perfectly suited to the look of the rest of the bag. The bag is finished off with longer strap keepers, riveted on each side of the bag for extra strength and a nice simple tab and button fastener at the front.

My other bags are relatively rigid in their construction due to the way I designed them but this new bag is much more organic in its form. The bag’s rounded edges and bottom will mould to the shape of your body as you carry it and over time it will soften further, gaining a beautiful patina on the parts which come into contact with your body and hands.

As with all my prototypes, I concentrated on the design rather than adding valuable dyes on something which potentially wouldn’t work out so this bag has been left the pure, natural vegetable tanned leather. A simple coat of wax to protect the leather has been applied and it will darken naturally as it’s exposed to sunlight and the oils from your hands as it’s used.

There’s plenty of space on the front flap and front body of the bag to be able to add custom hand tooled or stamped designs so it’ll work nicely as a base for anyone who would like something really individual to make them stand out in a crowd. Of course, it’ll be available in any of the dye colours in my range (Shown in the final image below).

I can definitely see potential to adapt this design to a smaller version and a larger messenger bag size so watch this space!

The bag definitely needs a name so that it can be added to my inventory list so I need to get thinking!

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